Zhang Yining Cufflink Set

Let’s talk about the shuttlecock (I’m only mentioning it because it sounds funny and I’m feeling frisky today.) I wish there was some sort of special meaning to why they named this thing what it is but truth be told, the reason for the name is quite boring. According to master Google, *putting on an air of British accent because everything sounds more noble when read on an English accent:* “The word shuttlecock is derived from the word ‘shuttle’ along with the back and forth exchange in loom weaving. It also refers to the male bird’s plume of tail feathers.”

That’s your lesson for today, kids. Remember, a shuttlecock is meant for badminton. Nothing sexy about that.

This mismatched brass Zhang Yining Cufflink Set includes one Black Table Tennis Racket cufflink, one Shuttlecock cufflink and one Red Table Tennis Rackett cufflink.

Category: Other Sports, Table Tennis

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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