Ze Big Fish Cufflink Set

Swimming With Ze Big Fish...

Go tropical with this underwater set, because it's probably the best decision you'll make all week. I know I'm one crazy, messed up unicorn, but even I'm not crazy enough to go swimming with sharks. If you're the ballsy, aquatically adventurous type, well the cheers. But if not, it doesn't hurt to have a shark cufflink to give others that impression. And if you pair it with the mask, all the more appropriate. At least you'd be honest about your pathetic attempts at false bravado.

This set of mismatched brass Ze Big Fish Cufflink Set includes one Shark cufflink, one Snorkeling Mask cufflink and one Fin cufflink. All these are coated with silver.

Category: Under the Sea, Water Sports

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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