Writers Cufflink Set

How to Write in the 21st Century...

The all you need to write the perfect letter set. Sets the tone for anything. For someone you don’t really give a crap about, you write them a letter in pencil to illustrate that they are not up to your standards, and are thus not worthy enough for “the pen”. Then again, you could just type up your letter, or well, send an email, a text, a snapchat, etc. This is the 21st century guys…the only reason you should need envelopes and pens and pencils is when they are on your cuffs, and they make you look so vintage cool. The only disadvantage is that it’s eco-friendly. Damn hippies.

This set of mismatched brass Writers Cufflink Set includes one silver Envelope cufflink, one silver Pen cufflink and one Pencil cufflink in combination of silver and gold and with stone.

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