Vito Corleone Cufflink Set

A moustache, tobacco pipe, and revolver. First thing that comes to my mind? Ready, set... go! Definitely the most epic film of all time--The Godfather. Casting Marlon Brando as Vito Corleone was one of the best casting decisions ever made, and probably one of the best decisions ever in the history of the world and UniCornia. His mumbling diction, acting ability, and impact on the entertainment industry was unparalleled. Dang I wish I could have met that guy. He actually has all three traits of this cufflink set, so if you want to be a badass like him, buy these cuffs ASAP.

This mismatched brass Vito Corleone Cufflink Set includes one Imperial Moustache cufflink on white background, one Tobacco Pipe cufflink coated with silver and one Colt Gun cufflink coated with silver.

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