USA and Franco Spain Flag Cufflinks

Spanish Lishpuhs...

USA & Spain have a pretty good relationship, I would say. They gave us Pau Gasol, and we give them the honor of existing in the same world as us. Pretty fair, I would say. I have a lot to say, you know, being a wise and magical unicorn and all. And I thank God every single day of my life that I do not have that lisp. Losh pobresh Eshpañolesh. Translation: The poor Spaniards. If the world were one giant elementary school, you just know they’d have been the paste-eating, nose-picking, lispy momma's boy weirdo who everyone gave wedgies to during recess. Even the teacher joined in.

This pair of multi-colored mismatched brass USA and Franco Spain Flag Cufflinks includes one USA Flag cufflink and one Spanish Flag Under Franco cufflink.

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