Union Jack Love Cufflinks

Better Than Tea Time...

Chip chip, cheerio! Harry Potter, Mary Poppins, and little baby royalty who take up all the news feeds and detract all the attention from real world issues that are actually worth a twopence…isn’t the UK great?! Oh and my sincerest of apologies, oh your royal Heineken, the queen, how dareth I forget tea time. Tis’ the best invention of this world yet! There is so much to be proud of in the old UK, perhaps I’ll pull a Shakespeare and write a sonnet about it. Better yet, I think I’ll just showcase my love for dear old Brit with a pair of these absolutely breathtaking UK and Heart cufflinks. Yes, yes, it’ll be the best thing to hit the streets of London since The Beatles.

This pair of mismatched brass Union Jack Love Cufflinks includes one Red Heart cufflink and one UK Flag cufflink.

Category: British Invasion

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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