Uncivilized Sushi Addict Cufflinks

It’s amazing how humans have evolved over time. As mythical creatures, we’ve practically seen the entire human evolution, back to when Grog number 1 was trying to figure out how to capture his food and back when Grog number 2 was trying to get laid. The second part was kind of awkward but when they did finally figure it out, it became National News here in UniCornia. (Humans are like our version of the Kardashians here. We don’t agree with what they do most of the time but they are pretty darn entertaining!) Oh well, at least humans evolved. I mean besides the Kardashians you've got the crew of Jersey Shore...

Anyway, humans eventually became kinda civilized and one of the things that really caught my eye was when they learned how to use simple tools like the fork. The fork came late to the dinner plate army since it wasn’t really a staple like the spoon and knife. Then forks became all the fashion. And then sushi. And then followed chopsticks. And then simply using your hands. Well, you know what'll come next? Eating sushi with a fork and knife. Yup, you heard me. If you're a trend setter, next time you're at a sushi restaurant, eat your sushi with a fork and knife and just see the looks you'll get.

This pair of mismatched Uncivilized Sushi Addict Cufflinks includes one Sushi cufflink coated with red and white enamel and one Green Serving Fork cufflink.

Category: Sushi & Sumo

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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