Trust me, I'm an Architect Cufflinks

These cufflinks will be perfect for big collective projects. Whenever you have to build something, may it be a swimming pool or a wedding cake, you should wear these cufflinks or at least refer to them.That might get proper annoying over time, but trust me, it’s worth it. Indeed, making people believe that you’re an architect in these kinds of situations means guaranteed access to the alpha-male position of the group. And nothing makes panties wetter than a man giving orders to other men, especially to build something easily understandable for a woman such as a barn or a barrier (did I cross a line there?). If you’re prepared for it, throw some bare torso into the situation, and you’ll see, shit happens to architects...

This pair of mismatched Trust me, I'm an Architect Cufflinks includes one "Trust Me" text white cufflink and one "I'm an Architect" text white cufflink.

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