Trust me, I'm a Surgeon Cufflinks

Surgeons, very much in the same way as pilots, are often subject to jokes. You all know the one about the surgeon who lost his watch inside a patient (as if that had never occurred). But the truth is that the laughs we’re having on the account of these people are in reality closer to the nervous giggles of a schoolgirl in front of her favourite teacher. They are the laughs of the embarrassed, the impressed and the nervous. After all, we’re the ones coming in with a gross tumour. After all, the surgeon went to college for 15 years (damn his family must be rich!). After all, I might die. A surgeon is, in some moments, the closest you can get to a god. And rectifying god’s mistakes is sometimes exactly what he does. So become a God and wear these cufflinks.

This pair of mismatched Trust me, I'm a Surgeon Cufflinks includes one "Trust Me" text white cufflink and one "I'm a Surgeon" text white cufflink.

Category: Doctors & Nurses, Graduation

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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