Trust me, I'm a Psychologist Cufflinks

Psychiatrists treat mentally-ill people. Psychologists treat mentally healthy people. In the first case, nothing much can be done because patients are just nuts. In the second case, not much can be done because nothing’s wrong. Furthermore, in the field of outsourcing the activities of “living” and “making choices”, psychologists are in tough competition with bloodthirsty competitors such as life coaches, drug dealers and astrologists. When your profession is competing with survivors from Auschwitz and Mexican cartel leaders and your only regular advertiser is Woody Allen, you might want to go to a new level of PR. And that starts with these cufflinks.

This pair of mismatched Trust me, I'm a Psychologist Cufflinks includes one ABC cufflink and one XYZ cufflink.

Category: Doctors & Nurses, Graduation

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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