Triple Threat Cufflink Set

You know how people strive to become triple threats? My mother didn’t quite understand the concept, or if she did, she completely ignored it. Instead of making me the next Neil Patrick Harris, she made me the triple threat of musical instruments: piano, guitar, and saxophone. I’m actually surprised it wasn’t piano, harp, and cello, but my father convinced her to have an open mind (and you could say he had a very open mind about many things). I was the only kid who didn’t have soccer practice twice a week and probably the only kid who begged to study—anything to get away from music lessons. Do you know how difficult it is to play instruments when you don’t have opposable thumbs? My hooves are still bruised.

This set of mismatched brass Triple Threat Cufflinks includes one Silver Electric Guitar cufflink, one Silver Grand Piano cufflink and one Saxophone cufflink. All of these are silver in color with black embellishments.

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