Tim Boll Cufflink Set

I’ve always wondered why baseball players like to spit. They’re like Cuzco the Llama, you know, the dude, David Spade, voiced in The Emperor’s New Groove (Disney Movie.) Anyway, baseball players pretty much do the same thing. Being the non-sporty type and being the non-sociable unicorn that I am, I looked to the one place that could answer all my questions without even leaving home: GOOGLE.

Apparently, baseball dudes chew tobacco or gum a lot and they often spit them out once they’re ready to play (lest they choke on them halfway while hitting that homerun.) It’s gross, yes! However, that’s good old American baseball for you. Wonder who cleans up all the mess afterwards?

This mismatched brass Tim Boll Cufflink Set includes one Black Table Tennis Racket cufflink, one Red Table Tennis Racket cufflink and one Baseball cufflink.

Category: Baseball / MLB, Table Tennis

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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