The Mechanics of (Burger) Love Cufflinks

There’s something quite deep and philosophical about burgers, you know. In a way, they’re your only friend in times of need. Looking back at my hamburger diet in college, I can see a pretty clear correlation between my burger intake and my state of depression. The more suicidal I felt, the more I ate burgers, and the more burgers I ate, the more suicidal I felt. Burgers are like drugs: they bring temporary satisfaction and relief from all your loneliness, but in the long run, they actually lead you to premature heart attacks. So lest you want to become a statistic, buy the damn cufflinks and try to stop eating your feelings away. Because the feelings won’t leave.

This pair of mismatched The Mechanics of (Burger) Love Cufflinks includes one Hamburger cufflink and one Red Heart cufflink.

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