The Drummer Cufflinks

If you're all into music and stuff, then you might want this set permanently stitched to your wrists (well, not literally, because that's a bit twisted).

Anyways, do you ever wonder why blues and jazz are often associated with the crossroads? Legend has it that a blues player named Robert Johnson met the devil at the crossroads and made a deal with him. In exchange for fame and fortune, the dude supposedly sold his soul. Of course, while he did get what he wanted for a time, he unexpectedly died at the age of 27. ***dun dun dun*** Yeah, I totally heard you gasp right there. But it totally propagated the myth of rock stars and musicians who make similar pacts all dying at that same age of 27.

Seriously though, I don’t really believe in this. BUT, if I did met the devil, I’d probably just ask him how to get rid of my horn so I can live like a normal horse. It’d be so much easier galloping through the forest, you know, no big horn to get stuck on random vines and branches? You can imagine the amount of eyes I poke out all the time just walking down the street....

This pair of mismatched The Drummer Cufflinks includes one White Music Score cufflink and one Drum Set cufflink.

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