The Dentist Cufflinks

You know all those commercials and that dental advice about having the “best” toothbrushes? Those are lies! Lies, I tell you! Don’t ever believe them. I once read a scientific study (and any scientific study makes it absolute truth) that there is absolutely no correlation between having this or that type of toothbrush and how healthy or clean your teeth will be. It’s like there’s absolutely no correlation between Kanye West claiming that he’s staying with Kim Kardashian because they “love” each other and that business of having a media-publicity hub has nothing to do with it. Yeah, right. We all see through you, Kanye.

Back to the topic, some people even go as far to say that you don’t even really need to brush your teeth everyday. (That’ll be news to your partner!) Brushing is a man-made invention and naturally good bacteria do their job of cleaning the teeth while keeping it healthy and strong whenever possible. Of course, the downside is that your breath will smell like you swallowed skunk juice. Just food for thought folks. I don’t even brush my teeth that often but I’m blessed with a pretty healthy set of clenchers.

This pair of mismatched brass The Dentist Cufflinks includes one False Teeth cufflink coated with classic red and white color and one Toothbrush cufflink coated with silver and has white toothpaste embellishment.

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Vendor: UniCuffs

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