Tetris FTW Cufflinks

Get That Babe With Tetris UniCuffs...

Let me tell you a secret! Every smart guy plays Tetris and girls know it. Playing Tetris at an Asian Level (say wha?!!!) will certainly bring you some of that sweet punanny you dream of (but only if you don't live by the motto "quality, not quantity"). Just don’t make the mistake of playing it everywhere, like on dates or while having sex. Instead, just wear these Tetris UniCuffs and you will certainly make a good impression. Girls pay attention to the little things and she will use your UniCuffs as an ice breaker to start a conversation. That’s the moment when you can brag about your Tetris skills and you can also tell her that your long and straight piece will be there whenever she needs to fill up a hole.

This pair of mismatched brass Tetris FTW Cufflinks includes one Black Tetris cufflink and Tetris Game cufflink on silver coated setting.

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