Talmudic Law Cufflinks

Star of David and Justice...

Oh my God, it can't be the Star of David… but it is! Jews are the nicest people ever. Damn that man Russell Peters… he's the cause of all those jokes stereotyping Jews as cheap and crafty. I have to admit though, these cufflinks would look awfully nice on a nicely tailored Burberry suit, complete with a diamond-studded Rolex watch, friendly loafers and a Tudor belt to top it off. If women wore cufflinks, these would definitely be featured on America's Next Top Model, ready to do them 'justice'

This pair of mismatched brass Talmudic Law Cufflinks includes one silver Star of David cufflink and one Scales of Justics cufflink on black background.

Category: Jew-Friendly, Lawyers & Judges

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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