Tally Ho Cufflink Set

Fads have become so unoriginal that it's now popular to copy other countries and take their culture. One of the most popular countries to take over pop culture is England. The music has always been alright, but now you have people obsessing over British TV shows, mimicking their styles, and even trying to talk like them. Wankers. If you or a friend have jumped right on to the double-decker bandwagon, then you've just found the perfect cufflinks mate. Grab some crumpets and sport the Union Jack, but just remember who won the war.

This mismatched brass Tally Ho Cufflink Set includes one red British Mailbox cufflink, one UK Flag cufflink and one British Telephone Box cufflink on silver coated setting.

Category: British Invasion, Hipster

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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