Table Tennis Bats and Golf Ball Cufflink Set

Of all the ball jokes you’ve heard so far, which one’s the funniest? Don’t worry, I won’t be throwing various ball jokes on here. I won’t be making references about washing golf balls or “ducking down for balls” on here either. I’ll simply sit here and tell you all about table tennis rackets and dimple-laden, hard and absolutely fast balls - er, golf balls. The beauty of balls is never-ending. If you are proud to showcase your own balls (golf balls, that is) then grab yourself this cool set. It should be just what you need.

This mismatched brass Table Tennis Bats and Golf Ball Cufflink Set includes one Black Table Tennis Racket cufflink, one Red Table Tennis Racket cufflink and one White Golf Ball coated with white.

Category: Golf/ PGA, Table Tennis

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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