Sweet and Crisps Cufflinks

So you finally made it to jolly old England, a lifetime dream of yours (don't contradict me, I think I would know better than you). You're now at a cafe and you order yourself an ice cream and some chips. Apparently you're letting yourself go while you're in England, but suit yourself, I won't judge you on this. Now think of how pissed you'll be when the waiter brings you back an ice cream and an order of french fries! That's clearly not what you ordered, but chips in other parts of the world are called "crisps". Americans made these distinctions so that we can prove that we are a unique snowflake of a country and also to confuse people. This is just a fact that you'll have to deal with if you decide to broaden your horizons or whatever, so suck it up and eat your chips. Have some tea while you're at it.

This pair of mismatched brass Sweet and Crisps Cufflinks includes one Vanilla Ice Cream Cone cufflink and one multi-colored Crisps Chips cufflink.

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