Sweaty European Women Cufflink Set

It is odd pairings like these that make me question the sanity of whoever pairs these things. If you’re not a jock or simply don’t like hot, sweating-European-women-grunting-on-the-green-under-the-hot-sun-in-their-tiny-white-skirts-and-tight-clothes, then chances are you probably don't know that a table tennis racket DOES NOT go with the tennis ball! The ball is too big, too heavy for those darned table tennis rackets, definitely a no-no. In thge meantime, here’s a little something you might like to see, gentlemen.

This mismatched brass Sweaty European Women Cufflink Set includes one Black Table Tennis Racket cufflink, one Yellow Tennis Ball cufflink in yellow-green color and one Red Table Tennis Racket cufflink.

Category: Table Tennis, Tennis / USTA

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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