Sumo Diet Cufflink Set

Domo Arigato...

Ah good old Japan. The home of saké, sushi, and most of the weirdest stuff in this world. Sure the Japanese might be a little crazy sometimes, but you have to admire their spirit. Also, where else can you have raw fish with wasabi, everything with orange sauce of some kind, and giant guys fighting in diapers? Nowhere. That's just how special Japan is. For your own safety though, don't get me started on the weaboo types who are obsessed with Japan and every single thing Japanese. They just take it too damn far. Anyway try these UniCuffs out so you can subtly show your Japan fetish without making me want to hoof you in the face.

This mismatched brass Sumo Diet Cufflink Set includes one color coated Sliced Orange cufflink on silver coated setting, one multi-colored Sumo Wrestler cufflink and one Sushi cufflink caoted with red and white enamel.

Category: Sushi & Sumo, WTF, Yellow Fever

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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