Stormtrooper Head Cufflinks

Racial Solving UniCuffs For The Empire...

I’m sick and tired of intergalactic racial problems. I can’t ride my rainbow in peace because everywhere I go I see gang signs, anti-racial protests with space hippies and lots of other crap. Even the Empire has these kinds of problems. That’s why the last resort was to paint half of the Stormtroopers black. Now no one can say that the Empire has racial issues, especially since even Vader is black. Too bad we don’t have Asian Stormtroopers. Imagine how screwed the Jedi would be if they were attacked by ninja Stormtroopers who throw light stars and beat the hell out of you with light nunchakus.

This pair of mismatched brass Stormtrooper Head Cufflinks includes one Silver Stormtrooper cufflink and one Black Stormtrooper cufflink.

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