Stop or Go Cufflinks

Growing up in big cities (just because I was born in UniCornia doesn’t mean I’m a country bumpkin thank you very much), you get used to a disease that is quite common in humankind: slow-walking. Whether you’re in Paris, London, Macau or Sarajevo, you will find that a certain breed of people walk at an unbearably slow pace. Be it rain or shine, getting in or out of subway cars, they will trip on themselves when getting off escalators and stop in the middle of the street for absolutely no reason at all (also see: tourist syndrome). No matter, just crowd-navigate as best as you can and “accidentally” push obstacles out of your way while repeating “sorry” and thinking “not sorry.”

This pair of mismatched brass Stop or Go Cufflinks includes one Stop Ampelmännchen cufflink and one Go cufflink on green background.

Category: By Foot

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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