Spider Pig, a Donut and Homer Simpson Cufflink Set

Pigs and Donuts in the Sky, All for Homer, That Silly Guy...

This is really what I think about when I think about America. Flying pigs. Homer Simpson. And donuts. In Unicornia, donuts fall from the sky when it rains. And pigs fly. Damn pigs. You see, for us unicorns, we don't have wings. You can either be like Pegasus (and arrogant ass who gets all the glory and fame) or you can be a unicorn (but for some reason we get shafted, and all we get is that stupid show My Little Pony). I have to ride a ridiculous triple rainbow. And you know how that makes me look riding a rainbow? Sends off the wrong message completely.

This mismatched brass Spider Pig, a Donut and Homer Simpson Cufflink Set includes one Pink Flying Pig cufflink, one Homer Simpson cufflink and one Chocolate Donut cufflink.

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