Slice of Sumo Cufflinks

What the hell ever happened to sumo wrestling? It seems like there was a time where you could watch big fighting Japanese guys to your heart's desire everywhere (at least when I was a young unicorn studying abroad in Japan. Didn't know I know Japanese did ya? Well, fukuyu). But no, now it's all about ninja warriors and those crazy Japanese adult game shows. Not that those are bad, but I want to watch some sumo wrestling. Damn it. I guess Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is the alternative to sumo wrestling. Afterall, you still get to see see fights between big, sweaty people who talk funny. Also, oranges are good aren't they? And these UniCuffs, they're good too.

This pair of mismatched brass Slice of Sumo Cufflinks includes one color coated Sliced Orange cufflink on silver coated setting and one multi-colored Sumo Wrestler cufflink.

Category: Sushi & Sumo

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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