Silver Trout Fishing Cufflinks

My first fishing trip ever wasn’t so much fun. Grandad was one of the few and best unicorn fishermen out there. He would fish for fun. One time, he took me to go fishing with him because he wanted to catch a huge tuna for his personal record. When we had one on the line, I was tasked to reel it in. Geez, I almost severed my hoof and a portion of my face trying to muscle with that thing. You see, we have a special mechanism to allow us to reel in fish with our hooves, and somehow the line got wrapped around my legs. For a second, I thought I was gonna end up performing surgery on myself Rambo-style. Luckily, Grandad came to the rescue and helped me out. We lost the tuna, but hey, I hate fish anyways.

This pair of mismatched brass Silver Trout Fishing Cufflinks includes one Silver and Golden Fish cufflink and one Fishing Reel cufflink, both coated with silver and gold tone.

Category: Dads, Fishing, Under the Sea

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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