Sherlock Holmes Cufflinks

Gettin' High...

Ahh, smoking tobacco and getting high. That's what youth's about, really. And through adulthood and onto your deathbed when you die of lung cancer. Why didn't Proposition 18 in California pass anyways? It would have generated a significant amount of tax revenue as well as direct police officers towards more serious crime in the city, not to mention that you can get high anytime you want in the great state of California. Theoretically. I mean, look at Amsterdam. They legalized marijuana and it seems like they're not having a debt crisis. Why not follow suit? Then eventually, everybody (unicorns included) can get high! Yay!

This pair of mismatched brass Sherlock Holmes Cufflinks includes one Imperial Moustache cufflink on white background and one Tobacco Pipe cufflink coated with silver.

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