Shaken, Not Stirred Cufflinks

Sophisticated Cufflinks For Your Nights Out...

Here’s the recipe for the best martini: take ice, an olive, gin, vermouth and some mint, and throw them in the garbage and drink a glass of Scotch whisky like a real man.

But let me guess, you're a sissy girl. And even if you were a manly man (I am thank you), unfortunately, girls like men who like "sophisticated" girly drinks.

So what to do? Lie about it! With this pair of UniCuffs you will be able to caim that you love martinis, margaritas and pina coladas, even if you only drink beer, vodka and whisky. So wear these cufflinks and get that fru-fru lady from the bar.

This pair of mismatched brass Shaken, Not Stirred Cufflinks includes one James Bond cufflink and one Martini Cocktail cufflink.

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