Sexy Blue Collar Brown Hammer & Saw Cufflinks

You're used to wood. Your hands are full of calluses and blisters from all the verandas, couches and cribs you built over the years. You're also used to wood in the morning. If you want somebody to take care of that, you might want to distract that person from your massacred hands. No better way to do that than to wear these intriguing cufflinks. If you're hands are as soft as a baby ass, however, you might seem like an extreme Bob The Builder Fan, which in this Peter Pan Generation probably will turn out to be an advantage.

This pair of mismatched Sexy Blue Collar Brown Hammer & Saw Cufflinks includes one Brown Handled Hammer cufflink and one Brown Handled Saw cufflink.

Category: Handyman, Sexy Blue Collar

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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