Second Marriage Cufflink Set

As yet another visionary said back in his time: the times they are a-changing. Thus, cufflinks must also change. Even wedding cufflinks. This particular set is adapted to almost all possible wedding situations: the post-divorce wedding, where you invite your ex-wife (“Hey, so good to see you! We picked blue to be sure not to imitate your first wedding, am I not a thoughtful gold-dig… wife?”), the gay (and lesbian) weddings: the colour-code is perfect to let everybody know who’s passive and who’s active (It will end up on Twitter anyway!), and even Mormon weddings: just drop one of the men (“the Passive one ! The passive one! Yelled the flock) and you have one lucky married man for the sake of Joseph Smith! Modern Families, Modern Families…

This pair of mismatched Second Marriage Cufflink Set includes one Blue Groom Wearing Hat on round background cufflink, one Blue Bride with Flowers on round background cufflink, one Pink Groom Wearing Hat on round background and one Pink Bride with Flowers on round background.

Category: Weddings

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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