Scooter and Bicycle Cufflinks


Let me ask you something: are you twelve? No? Then why are you riding around on a scooter and/or a bicycle? I don’t care that it’s impractical to have a car in the city. Do you think you look cool riding to work in your fancy suit on your bicycle? Here’s a newsflash for you: you look ridiculous, chicks aren’t into it, and you have enough money to hire a driver. Cufflinks expressing your youth, that’s fine. Encouraged, actually. But let’s be adults about the way we actually travel, okay?

This pair of mismatched brass Scooter and Bicycle Cufflinks includes one Silver Bicycle cufflink and one Silver Vespa cufflink.

Category: On 2 Wheels

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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