School Bus and Beetle Car Cufflinks

Big Yellow...

My mother never let me ride the school bus. She thought I would catch the flu or stupidity from the other students. Instead, she drove me to school. Every. Single. Day. That blue car that looks so innocent? Torture chamber. The little tiger lady? The government should hire her. “Are you studying your flashcards?” “Why aren’t you practicing your violin?” “Don’t you realize that if you don’t pass this spelling test you won’t get into an Ivy League school?” I eventually got to ride the big yellow bus for school field trips, and I can tell you it wasn’t all that great, but it would arguably would have been preferable to my mother’s “love”.

This pair of mismatched brass School Bus and Beetle Car Cufflinks includes one School Bus cufflink in combination of yellow and blue color and one Blue Beetle cufflink.

Category: Cars, Cops & Robbers, Still a Kid

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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