Royal Baby Cufflink Set

George Alexander Louis No One Gives a Shit Windsor, Prince of Cambridge...

In case you’ve been living under a rock the past year, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge just gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, the new 3rd in line to the throne (Harry was demoted to 4th, but he claims being an uncle is worth it). There was so much excitement and betting—girl or boy? Alexandra or Arthur? Once the baby met the queen and was officially christened George, he became less interesting—just another ugly newborn with his dad’s hairline. He’ll fade into oblivion until he’s given a job in the Royal Airforce. He’ll be awarded a bunch of medals for valor or some stuff, and then he’ll get married, and then we’ll go through this whole circus again.

This mismatched brass Royal Baby Cufflink Set includes one Green and Brown Spitfire cufflink, one Badge of the Royal Air Force cufflink and one Royal Airforce Helmet cufflink.

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