Romantic Cufflinks Set

For The Men Who Are After Real Ladies...

A real gentleman will always be romantic and you can’t be romantic on the Internet. It's all about Facebook, iPhones, Tags and Tweets. Forget normal face to face interaction or the good old handwritten letter. You can’t be romantic if you talk like this: “hi bby….u luk seXXXy…I wanna motorboat ur boobyes. hit me up!!!!!111 #$WAG #YOLO”. Can we please just kill anyone who talks like that? If you want to impress a girl, just send her a handwritten letter in the mail. You will be stylish and classy, but only if you wear these cufflinks. Ok who are we kidding, it's all about the cufflinks.

This mismatched brass Romantic Cufflinks Set includes one Envelope cufflink, one Silver Ballpen cufflink and one Pencil cufflink.

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