Robot and Light Bulb Cufflinks

Boy Toy... 

By now you have all heard of the VMA’s. Tell me, which ones shocked you? Was it Lady Gaga and her six wardrobe changes? Was it NSYNC’s abrupt reunion? Was it Lady Gaga in her teeny, tiny seashell bikini? No, let me guess, it was Robin Thicke and his Beetlejuice garb? I tell you, that guy is one weird dude. I felt like Beetlejuice was turning from his grave with a lightbulb on hand and demanding to get his suit back. I’m not really sure why Robin is even popular. The dude was nowhere to be found a couple of years ago, now he has a song that sounds a lot like a Marvin Gaye track and he’s suddenly a somebody? Dude, anybody who wears a referee suit should be banned.

This pair of mismatched Robot and Light Bulb Cufflinks includes one Opaque Light Bulb cufflink and one Robot cufflink.

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