Rip That Moustache Off Cufflinks

Is it November yet? Or more importantly, Movember? If you don't know what that is, buy these cufflinks anyways. If you do, well, good for you, but yet again, buy these cufflinks or else I'll rip your prized moustache right off, and yes that is going to hurt. Maybe I'll get handcuffed by a policeman for assault. Or, hoofcuffed, if you will. I always thought Mario's moustache was the epitome of the perfect moustache, though Luigi does come in a close second.

This pair of mismatched brass Rip That Moustache Off Cufflinks includes one Imperial Moustache cufflink on white background and one Handcuffs cufflink coated with silver.

Category: Cops & Robbers

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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