Retro British Cufflink Set

The Fine Line...

What do these things have in common? People either love them or hate them. Some kids love riding school buses because they get to yell and scream with their friends; others hate school buses because they don’t have any friends to yell and scream with. Everyone’s split on their opinion of beetles: they’re either cute or ugly, but everyone plays the “punch buggie” game when they’re young. And the police? Well, maybe no one really likes them. Kids and adults alike are afraid they’ll go to jail. One of my friends fears that she’ll “accidentally” commit a white collar crime and end up in prison. There’s a fine line between love and hate, just as legality can be ambiguous.

This set of mismatched brass Retro British Cufflink Set includes one School Bus cufflink in combination of yellow and blue color, one Blue Beetle cufflink, and one Police Box cufflink.


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