Putin's USSR Cufflinks

Hail Mother Fucking Russia, comrade! Vlad asked me to make these. And to write that first line (I might have added a word). I got a dacha for it. On some island, Crimea I think it was. Didn’t realise Crimea was Russian, is that new? OK, down to business. You’re going to be the most badass of all corporate lemmings if you wear these cufflnks. Can you just imagine? You’re going to be the #1 rebel of your company when you raise your hand WITH COMMUNIST CUFFLINKS ON to ask to go to the bathroom. They may even get so scared they’ll say yes. You might even get a new nickname, Lenin Lemming, or something. If you struggle for your class(iness), these are the cufflinks you need.

This pair of mismatched Putin's USSR Cufflinks includes one Russian Yellow Star cufflink and one Russian CCCP Communist Logo red yellow cufflink.

Category: Politicians, USSR/Russia

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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