Police Cufflink Set

Let’s play a little game. How many celebrities can you name that have been arrested and who look utterly funny in their mugshot? Pass? Okay, let me name you my most favorite one. (I keep track of these things because how can you not gloat when your “beloved” celebrities take a tumble right in front of you?) My most favorite mugshot is the infamous Nick Nolte shot... the one with him having oily, frizzed and stringy hair and a horrific blue Hawaiian shirt. It’s enough to make you wonder what happened to Nick Nolte of the yesteryears. I mean, the dude was once hailed as the sexiest man alive after all.

This mismatched brass Police Cufflink Set includes one Retro Police Car cufflink, one Handcuffs cufflink, one Police Motorcycle cufflink and one Bullet cufflink.

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