Plead Not Guilty Cufflinks

Do you ever wonder about what got you where you are? Are you convinced it was hard work and dedication - do you deserve anything you have? Honestly, moral luck is such an issue, man. But don’t let your money bring you down, because, you were born into it, it wasn’t your fault; you made good investments, it wasn’t your fault; you’re smarter than everyone, how could THAT be your fault? (If anything it’s everyone else’s for being too damn slow). So what to do once you’ve figured out you’re basically the Messiah Part II? Something meaningful, but what? And then it hits me. God invented cufflinks so I could sell UniCuffs.

This pair of mismatched brass Plead Not Guilty Cufflinks includes one Not Guilty cufflink on white background and one silver plated Gavel cufflink.

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