PlayStation Controller and Racing Car Seat Cufflinks

Who in the world would want a racing car seat? I mean, wouldn’t you rather want the sports car instead of just the seat? Oh well, I guess there are some people that are weird that way. Saw this show about hoarding once, some people even collected random plastic so I guess random car seats aren’t so bad.

Dress up and look posh as ever with these cufflinks. Sometimes dressing like a polished dude instead of a dumb jock that’s been hanging out on his mom’s couch way too much is the way to go. Try it out, you might get what you want with this cool number.

This pair of mismatched brass PlayStation Controller and Racing Car Seat Cufflinks includes one Playstation Controller cufflink and one Racing Car Seat cufflink.

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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