Pimp My Ride Cufflink Set

Do you love your car more than your girlfriend? Do you have a special nick name for your car? Do you find yourself watching Pimp My Ride or Fast & Furious when you should be at the gym?

Well, my guess is you can't really afford that car of your dreams, but at least you should be able to afford this Pimp My Ride Cufflink Set. Fuel your car obsession just a bit further, because when your girlfriend does leave you for loving your car more than her, at least you'll still have these cufflinks that will still love you back.

This set of mismatched brass Pimp My Ride Cufflink Set includes one Accelerator Pad cufflink, one Steering Wheel cufflink and one Gear Handle Knob cufflink, all coated with silver.

Category: Cars, On 4 Wheels

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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