Photography Cufflink Set


Quite a bit of variety here. If you are a friendly, outgoing person that loves social events, but never actually brings a camera since it would be too annoying to carry around, this is definitely the set of cufflinks for you. I mean that's who I am at least: a ladyboy unicorn (shoutout to my Thai friends!) that never sleeps and is literally and figuratively a party animal. I'm sure you can relate.That way, if your ex-best friend at your high school reunion asks you for a camera for a selfie to put onto Instagram, you can shrug, flash a sheepish grin, and point apathetically at your cufflinks to tell him that that's, the real deal.

This set of four mismatched brass Photography Cufflink Set includes one Camera cufflink, one Roll Film cufflink, one black Camera Lens cufflink and one Round Photo Frame cufflink.

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