Office Cufflink Set

Kiss Your Boss's Ass...

It’s the ultimate office combo set! Strut these super kitsch cufflinks around the office and you’re bound to get a great response! People will admire your dedication to your work, and that will only further accentuate your clean-cut efficiency! I bet your boss would even love them so much, it’d be a great idea to get him a pair too! So don’t be shy, get you & your boss on your way to prime office bonding with matching sets, you freaking kiss ass..

This mismatched brass Office Cufflink Set includes 2, 3 or 4 silver coated cufflinks of your choice among Envelope cufflink, Pen cufflink, Paper Clip cufflink and Pencil cufflink in combination of silver and gold and with stone (the pieces chosen must be specified in the comment section of the shopping cart). 

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