Not A Superstar Chef Cufflinks

Iron Cheflinks...

Food Network has made a point of trying to make chefs look like superstars. You have dreams of flashing your pearly white smile while you chop up onions on national TV, but the reality is much less exciting. In truth, you can spend an oven-load of money on culinary school and your best job prospect will still be head fry chef at the local crab shack. Most chefs work long hours in kitchens that are hotter than Satan's ball-sack just to make a bit more than minimum wage. They also almost never get to swear at other chefs while making a delicious play on words... If you don't actually get your own prime time cooking show, maybe you can still use these cufflinks to convince people that you work in a 3 Star Michelin restaurant, or just utterly loaded and galavanting around the world eating at them like 3starbackpacker.

This pair of mismatched brass Not A Superstar Chef Cufflinks includes one White Chef's Hat cufflink and one Green Serving Fork cufflink.

Category: Chefs & Foodies

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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