NBA Jam Cufflinks

Whenever basketball is on, it feels like the whole of Unicornia stops. Not really sure what it is with unicorns and basketball player or balls but it’s definitely mesmerizing. Whenever they’re running around on court ducking, diving and dribbling after that orange ball, it's kinda like how unicorns are when they find something they like. It’s all they’ll go after like a carrot in front of a racehorse. (Actually, I dunno if that’s true. Maybe the Mythbusters have an answer to this.) Anyhow, that orange veggie has the power to sway and convince like no other. Maybe we can feed it to TLC execs and convince them to just drop reality TV stars like a hot pancake. Oh well, a unicorn can dream, right?

This pair of mismatched brass NBA Jam Cufflinks includes one Playstation Controller cufflink with multi-colored button embellishments and one orange Basketball cufflink.

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