Music Prodigy Cufflink Set

Ever since I was a kiddie unicorn all I did was cause a ruckus. Among my worst habits was piercing fruits with my horn and occasionally, I would lift up women’s skirts (judge me as you see fit.) But whatever, those were glorious days, my friend. Nevertheless, I did it because of music. Say wha? You heard me. My biaatch tiger mother hovering over me forcing me to play until my hooves bled. Didn't matter whether it was the violin, drums or piano. You know what thousands of hours of violin practice does to a unicorn without fingers? Yes, I know it’s not the manliest instrument there is, but just take a look at what this dude can do. He’s my violin hero.

This mismatched brass Music Prodigy Cufflink Set includes one brown Violin cufflink with silver accent, one Drum Set cufflink and one Black Grand Piano cufflink.

Category: Artists & Musicians, Classical

Type: Cufflinks

Vendor: UniCuffs

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