Moustache Hype Cufflinks

Mo Problems...

Maybe I'm getting old in unicorn years, but I just don't understand half of the trends nowadays. I realy don't get why it's suddenly popular to put MOUSTACHES on EVERYTHING. I guess it's not cool to actually have moustaches on your face now (the options were getting limited with the pedophile stigma and the Hitler thing), so people have resorted to plastering a mustache on any surface imaginable. But with all of the other things going on, I suppose a little moustache fever never did anyone any harm. So go ahead and wear moustaches to your heart's desire. We all know that moustache cufflinks are eternally cool anyway.

This pair of mismatched brass Moustache Hype Cufflinks includes one Walrus Moustache cufflink and one Handlebar Moustache cufflink.

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