Misunderstood Godzilla Cufflink Set

So in the U.S. ‘98 version of Godzilla, the giant mutant dinosaur turns out to be female (surprise!), and Godzilla unleashes all of her evil baby spawn onto NYC. The brave Matthew Broderick (haaaa) saves the day with his super cool science (yeaa..), and not to forget the guns. But here, we present a much more serene Godzilla, not all knocked up and hormonal. With this double happiness in marriage Chinese character and a lucky cat, this must represent her happy life before she got married and knocked up and dumped by her man, causing her to go ape-s#%$ all over Tokyo and then Manhattan. Poor old hag, Godzilla’s just a misunderstood spinster, that’s all.

This set of mismatched brass Misunderstood Godzilla Cufflink Set includes one Chinese Character cufflink, one Maneki-Neko cufflink and one silver Godzilla cufflink.

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